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Friday, March 16, 2018

About Us

Learn more about us and our company

About Us

Welcome to IMPERIAL SMOKE, leaders to a smoke FREE environement


  • Best Support
  • Innovative
  • Fast Delivery
  • Quality
  • Loyalty

About us

Imperial Smoke has been dedicated to the E-Cig industry for more than 5 years; selling Imperial Smoke E-Liquids for over 3 years. We are very committed to excellence and quality control in all of our products.  We have launched new items into the market place, such as the first Disposable Hookahs in the USA, and now the all new i-Touch Personal Vaporizer.  This product requires no button to press, only by skin touch.  This industry has changed rapidly, leaning very strongly towards PV units (personal vaporizers). Here, at Imperial Smoke, we saw the need for not only good quality PV units, but liquids, made in the USA as well.  We at Imperial Smoke hope you enjoy all of our products, and look forward to future business.



  • Leaders in creative one of a kind product.
  • Our unique and luxurious style PV(personal vaporizer)  units.
  • Best USA made E-Liquid with over 50 mouth watering flavors to choose from.
  • Our 100% guarenteed customer satisfaction.

I have finally found a E-Cig company that offers quality products with the best prices. Their new E-Liquid flavors are amazing.

BRIAN NUNN - San Diego, CA


Quality Support is Our Mission

We at Imperial Smoke make it our mission to have 100% customer satisfaction.

That’s why we offer a 30-day guarantee. We are open between the business hours of 10am-5pm, Monday-Friday, and are always open to answering any questions you may have.

We believe the customer is first; this is why we provide, fast shipping, quality products, and quick responses.

For any questions you may have, emailing us is always a great way, but we do provide customer support over the phone at 619-596-9600.

We hope you enjoy our products and look forward to building lasting relationships.

Known Industry Leaders

Imperial Smoke became the industry leader just over 3 years ago when we launched the first of its kind, Imperial Disposable Hookah.

At that time everyone else only had Tobacco and Menthol disposables. While many thought we were crazy, we quickly became known throughout the Country as the Flavored Disposable Hookah.

That prompted us to venture into other E-Cig categories including Liquids and Liquid Vaporizer Pens. Shortly after that, we secured our own USA Liquid Factory in San Diego, California with large supply Chain Stores across America.

We have developed one of the best starter kits for Liquid Vaporizer Pens in the industry.

Everything we sell, we have put our heart into, and we greatly appreciate those who have supported us for the last 5 years.

The Very First Disposable Hookah to Enter the Market

6 years ago, we started a venture to become known as the #1 leader in the Electronic Hookah industry.

Approximately, 3 years ago, we were the first to enter the market with the first Disposable Hookah.

We knew many would follow, what sets us aside in the marketplace is our “second to none quality” and willingness to always be the best.

We have strict guidelines on our quality control. We will always strive with compassion for our product to remain #1 in the market place, by constantly coming up with new and creative ideas, products and flavors that will satisfy even the skeptics.

This is why we currently have 16 Disposable Hookah flavors to choose from and are developing NEW state of the art disposables to stay on top, which we will be releasing soon.

Innovation at its Best

Imperial Smoke set the standard early on when we developed the first Patented 5 Second power shut off to the battery on our Disposable Hookah.

This innovation transformed our company and the industry to new standards of reliability and quality products

We did not stop there; towards the end of 2013 we launched our own USA made Liquid Factory in San Diego, CA, where we have developed over 50 different flavors and continue to create new ones.

We are now in the process of developing 2 new State of the Art Products that are new to the Vaping Industry.

These new products will set the standard once again in our ever changing industry of Vaping, further propelling Imperial Smoke as true leaders.

E-Liquid Made in USA

Imperial has been dedicated to the E-Cig industry for over 5 years, we are very committed to excellence and quality in all our products, and we have been selling E-Liquids for over 3 years.

Now we are proud to introduce our USA made E-Liquid with over 50 mouth-watering flavors to choose from.

We at Imperial saw the need not only for good Liquid but also for making our bottles with child resistant caps and completely sealed with a shrink-wrap label.

We also use State of the Art Equipment, designed specifically for our own custom made 20ml bottle, which fits comfortably in your pocket, designed similar to an eye dropper bottle.

Imperial Smoke hopes you enjoy our NEW line of state of the art USA made E-Liquid.

A Track Record of Success









our working process in 3 steps

We are driven to produce the best products and to offer only the "Best in Class" service.

planning & strategy

Our product line is planned with an understanding of what you want and how you like to Vape .

design & develop

From the first disposable hookah to USA Made E-Liquids; we develop our products for you.

fast deliver

We know that once you have decided to purchase Imperial Smoke products that you want them right now.