There are a number of great reasons to change over, as many already have, to e-smoking or vaping as some call it. Firstly it is much easier to monitor and lower your nicotine level with an e cigarette and you don’t inhale or exhale carbon monoxide, tar or any of the other harmful chemicals associated with tobacco cigarette. For these reasons e-smoking is considered the healthier alternative by many.

Secondly e-cigarettes may be enjoyed with a wide variety of flavors and the ability to mix flavors to suit your mood makes this type of smoking a more personal one as it may be altered to fit your personal tastes.

While e-cigarettes are not designed, nor should they be advertised as being produced to help people quit smoking altogether it is true that many who choose to try e-liquids and e-cigarettes often choose not to go back to tobacco products. With significantly less nicotine in e-liquids the presumption is that quitting smoking for vapers may be easier than for cigarette smokers.