• What exactly is an electronic cigarette?

    Unlike a traditional tobacco cigarette the electronic cigarette doesn’t burn anything therefore produces no carbon monoxide, tar or indeed any of the harmful chemicals produced and associated with smoking cigarettes. The electronic cigarette does look and feel like a “normal” cigarette however it works very differently.

    The three parts of an electronic cigarette include a battery which may be charged up as required, a cartridge which contains the e liquid and the atomizer (can also be referred to as atomiser or clearomizer or clearomiser) which is made up of a heater coil and has a wick (wickless versions are also available). The battery powers the atomizer which heats the e liquid for consumers to inhale and enjoy.

  • Why choose an e-cigarette over traditional cigarettes?

    There are a number of great reasons to change over, as many already have, to e-smoking or vaping as some call it. Firstly it is much easier to monitor and lower your nicotine level with an e cigarette and you don’t inhale or exhale carbon monoxide, tar or any of the other harmful chemicals associated with tobacco cigarette. For these reasons e-smoking is considered the healthier alternative by many.

    Secondly e-cigarettes may be enjoyed with a wide variety of flavors and the ability to mix flavors to suit your mood makes this type of smoking a more personal one as it may be altered to fit your personal tastes.

    While e-cigarettes are not designed, nor should they be advertised as being produced to help people quit smoking altogether it is true that many who choose to try e-liquids and e-cigarettes often choose not to go back to tobacco products. With significantly less nicotine in e-liquids the presumption is that quitting smoking for vapers may be easier than for cigarette smokers.

  • Can I use e-cigarettes to cut down on the nicotine I currently inhale?

    E-cigarettes are not designed to help people quit smoking however they are handy in that you may more closely monitor how much nicotine you use and may switch down through the strengths. Some have found this an effective way of weaning themselves off the need for a higher nicotine intake with some e-liquids offering no nicotine whatsoever.

  • What exactly is e-liquid?

    An e-liquid is the flavored product that is heated and inhaled by the smoker using an electronic cigarette. Most e-liquids are very similar ingredients-wise although there are a wide number of different flavors available. E Liquids are made up from flavorings, nicotine and Propylene Glycol(PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG).

  • What is the best flavour?

    There are a very large number of flavors available and which is best depends entirely on your preference. Choose your e-liquid from well over 100 flavors  and all you have to do is narrow down which of the tobacco, coffee, sweet, fruity, minty or any that you want to try first.

  • What does smoking the e-cigarette feel like?

    Smoking an electronic cigarette is much like smoking a traditional cigarette in that you mimic the same actions and still inhale and exhale. You don’t lose that “hit” at the back of your throat when you change to e-cigs so, in many ways, they are very similar. The big difference is in the amount of flavor choices you have when you opt for e-cigarettes over regular ones.

  • How long does e-liquid last?

    When stored in a cool and dark place e-liquid has an expected shelf life of around two years before the quality of the liquid starts to diminish.

  • How do I choose which strength to buy?

    E-liquids come in different strengths depending on how much nicotine they contain.

    Zero strength nicotine level – 0mg
    Low strength nicotine level – 6-11mg
    Medium Strength nicotine level – 12-17mg
    High strength nicotine level – 18-36mg

    When choosing consider your current smoking habits and how much nicotine you are used to. Choose the lowest level to suit your needs as more nicotine than you are used to will leave you feel dizzy, lightheaded and generally unwell, the same as it would with traditional cigarettes if you swap between lights and a stronger brand containing more nicotine etc.

  • Are e-liquids safe to use?

    E-liquids should be kept out of the reach of children, should not be ingested or tipped into the mouth and should be handled carefully. If used according to instructions there is no reason to believe that e-liquids are not safe.